Typical Reasons Why an Air Conditioner Malfunctions

Air Conditioner Malfunctions

Wondering why your air conditioner malfunctions? One of these is probably the reason.

The air conditioner is full of dirt.

Dirt is the most common culprit of equipment problems. It usually enters the air conditioner’s condensing coil, reduces the efficiency of the equipment and causes malfunctions. In extreme scenarios, dirt causes ice to form across the copper tubes. It is best to regularly avail ac maintenance in Dubai to keep the air conditioner dirt-free and productive. This can also help you save money from costly repairs.

A heavy object fell on the condenser.

Since most condensers are placed outside the room, they are prone to catching heavy debris, gravel, stones and tree branches. These can impair the condenser’s performance. Also, when an unfamiliar object enters the condenser’s cabinet, it can damage the fan, fan belts and motor of the condenser.

Something’s wrong with the source of electricity.

If the air conditioner’s compressor won’t open, call an electrician right away. Any kind of problem on the electric circuit can totally stop the air motor from functioning. The motor houses the condenser which operates the compressor and the fan. Thus, problems on the flow of electricity and wiring can completely stop its cooling process.  Don’t try to fix any kind of electric problem on your own to avoid worsening the case.

The unit’s refrigerant is leaking.

There are signs of refrigerant leaks. Either you would notice the drop in the unit’s cooling capacity or there is a sharp noise that comes from the condenser. Another sign is frost on the air conditioner. The refrigerant carries out heat from the unit. If it is leaking, the entire air condition system malfunctions. Is your air conditioner suffering from refrigerant leaks? Call for a technician stat.

No air conditioner checkup for more than a year.

Just like appliances and electronic devices, air conditioners also need annual checkups. They can help you prolong the life of the air conditioner and also detect early signs of potential damage. Never eer skip this. As the cliché medical saying goes “prevention is better than cure.” Bring your air conditioner to maintenance providers at least once a year. HVAC technicians would inspect the entirety of your air conditioner. If the unit is still in good shape, they can suggest ways to prevent any kind of malfunction.

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