Common barriers to study and how to overcome them

Common barriers to study and how to overcome themThere are quite a few common barriers to study, but amongst them all, there are three basic ones that prevent an individual from being able to successfully study a subject. In order to make the entire education process easier for students, it is necessary for these barriers to be taken into consideration and work on ways to overcome them. Here’s a bit of information about them:

Absence or lack of mass

A student simple cannot be effectively educated about an element or object without having it involved. For instance, if s/he is being taught about the functions of a computer, simply relying on the spoken word and books is not going to be enough. Understanding the functions of a computer, without having it in front of you, can get rather inhibiting and eventually leads to boredom. In order to associate an object with the written word, it is necessary for it to be present while studying. If the object cannot be brought to the class, at least a picture of it should be present.

Attempting to educate a student about an object without it being present has the potential to trigger certain physiological reactions. Students facing this common barrier to study tend to end up feeling rather overwhelmed by the entire process. Such frustration leads to headaches, dizziness and pain in the eyes. Believe it or not, but these reactions are extremely common and are particularly harmful when students are studying for exams like the pte-a test.

The best means of overcoming this barrier is that of supplying the object in class. For instance, if you are to teach about computers, then having a computer present in the classroom is highly recommended. In case the object cannot be provided, a reasonable substitute should be offered.

Extremely steep study gradient

Gradients are basically a means of doing or learning about something in a step by step manner. Following a gradient is extremely simple in cases where all the steps to follow are easy. However, one such study barrier is that of having too steep a gradient. This means that students are not given the opportunity to master their prior skills, and are forced to move on to more complex steps. This, in the long-term, triggers immense confusion, thereby preventing the student from understanding what is being taught at the moment.

In order to overcome this barrier, it is vital for students to be given ample time to flow through the gradient instead of being forced through it. They need to be brought to a point where they master all their prior skills, before being introduced to new ones. Visit to learn more in this regard.


Words that are misunderstood

This is perhaps the most important of all common barriers to study. It entails undefined words, and misunderstood definitions, all of which end up blocking the student’s comprehension of a subject. In order to overcome this particular study barrier, it is necessary for the misunderstood words to be determined instantly, and their meanings to be comprehended.