Planning Your Dubai Trip? Here Are 5 Essentials Things You Prepare

marina-yacht-rentalsAre you a fan of tall skyscrapers, fine cuisine, and a wide range of thrill-seeking adventures? Do you live in the Middle East? Are you familiar with the top tourist attractions in the region? Do you perhaps live in Asia or Europe and have heard about the wonderful experience of touring around Dubai, UAE?

If you said yes to any of these questions, perhaps it’s time to book a roundtrip flight to Dubai for your 2017 birthday. To better prepare for the trip of a lifetime, here are five essential things you should organize.


Dubai entertains millions of tourists in a year. Your trip may depend on your birthday or desired trip date, but do make sure that you have booked a hotel room for the duration of your trip. Prepare your accommodations based on your budget, and perhaps it’s better to travel with a friend or two. You can share the hotel expenses and even strengthen your relationship when in Dubai.


Preparing an itinerary depends on you, really. If you’re into details and you want to follow a strict schedule, go ahead and prepare an itinerary that indicates even the waiting and eating time for your trip. You can do away with this if you’re the spontaneous type. To balance everything, however, you can just indicate the general areas or tourist spots that you want to visit and organize everything according to location, commuting options, and budget. This balanced and well-directed-yet-not-strict itinerary also allows you to enjoy the view and the entire trip at your own pace.

Adventure Options

Speaking of itinerary, it also pays to do an extensive research on the thrilling adventure options available in the city. You can rent a yacht in Dubai Marina and see the city skyline from another perspective. You can also climb one of the highest floors of Burj Khalifa. At 830 meters, it is the tallest structure in the world and a picture with the clouds shrouding the rest of the city below you is surely worth your time and effort.

Your OOTDs

If you maintain a blog for your travels, you’re probably familiar with outfits of the day, or OOTDs. You’re in Dubai, you’re surrounded with beautiful things, so upgrading your wardrobe for your trip wouldn’t hurt. You can still fit a week-long set of coats, hats, shades, tops, and shoes in a large suitcase, so go ahead and splurge on those OOTDs of yours.


You have to take photos, too, of course. You can document what happened during your yacht cruise in Dubai Marina, share the video with your friends in social media, and have memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re into scrapbooks, you can print your photos and just write short descriptions of each one.

With these essential things in order, you can enjoy your Dubai trip smoothly and maximize your time.