Tweakments Are In: Cosmetic Surgery Preferences Are Shifting

plastic surgeons in DubaiThere has been no shortage of patients wanting to go under the knife, or of plastic surgeons in Dubai who will cater to their needs. But why isn’t there a surge in the number of people sporting obvious boob or nose implants, or faces completely changed by Botox? It’s because many now prefer tweakments, procedures that improve one’s appearance without making them look unrecognizable.

There are several reasons for the change:

It’s Like a New Haircut

When you have your hair trimmed, people comment on your hair looks different, asking if there’s something different in your face, but they might not figure out what it is. It’s also like going two shades darker in hair colour. People know something has changed, but they can’t pinpoint it. Tweakments work the same way, enhancing your features and making fine lines look less pronounced instead of completely eradicating them and leaving you with a forehead that looks unreal.

It’s the Very Definition of Enhancing Your Features

As people start to age, they start looking less like the fresh-faced version of themselves they see in their photos. But cosmetic procedures can bring that youthful glow back and make you look years younger than your actual age. Tweakments work on making the signs of aging less prominent, so that you will look more fresh-faced than your peers. Tweakments also work because they give you a way to highlight your cheekbones or lips without making the change too obvious that people will start asking who your cosmetic doctor is.

It’s Less Painful

As in the case of using a Botox pen instead of Botox injections, the earlier is less painful because it does not use a needle. There’s also less risk of using too much Botox. Though many cosmetic surgeons still prefer the use of traditional Botox injection methods, and the procedure will remain one of the most popular, the expertise of the person handling the procedure plays a part in making the outcome look more natural.

Private clinics have doctors with the expertise to vary the pressure used on different parts of the body to get a more natural look. Click here to check cosmetic procedures and their expected results.

Enhancements come in different shapes, sizes, and formulations. Anyone looking to improve their appearance will not have a shortage of options. There’s just the question of how you want to look after the procedure, and apparently, many still want to look like themselves, only better.