The Introvert Became the Extrovert

physiotherapyGrowing up shy and timid, my sister was never someone who you think would be athletic. When she graduated from college, things turned upside down. My introvert sister started taking part in marathons, hiking, and even trail running.  She seldom goes to such activities with a companion, but she evolved into a person who can interact comfortably with people she just met. Talking about milestones! I think my sister can easily get along well with these people because they met at the right place, at the right circumstances. They say for you to befriend a person, you must have at least one common thing between each other for you to have something to talk about. Well, I can say that my sister lived to that saying because she has been not just a champion in running but also in making friends with people she shares the same passion with.

As the years passed, my sister got more and more passionate with her hobby. But while the daily exercises have made her more physically fit, it surprisingly took a negative toll on her body.

While cooling down after a morning jog, she felt a sharp pain on her back. She immediately consulted a nurse friend with the fear that she might not be able to run or hike again because of the back pain. She feared the worst, and I can’t blame her because an injury on the spinal cord is not something you take very lightly. Our friend who is a nurse recommended a physiotherapist. Trusting the nurse, she went to a Dubai physiotherapy clinic to get a treatment. The specialist said that the pain is not serious, she didn’t need any surgery, and all she needs is a therapy to relieve the pain. My sister underwent chiropractic in Dubai, chiropractic is a natural way to correct the misalignments in the spinal cord. It involves a close examination of the condition of the patient, and the application of appropriate rehabilitative and therapeutic exercises to alleviate back, neck, joint, and limb pain. And that’s it. The pain was gone after hours of rest. The physiotherapist also recommended proper exercises for the kind of activities that my sister does.

This made me realise that we should never be complacent when it comes to our health and taking care of our body. Sometimes, we may think that we are at our healthiest, when we’re actually not. We have no way of keeping watch over what is happening inside our body. That’s the reason why we have doctors and specialists, and why it’s important to regularly visit our physicians. Do a quick online search, and you will be surprise to know that even professional athletes go through chiropractic treatment, including the great Michael Jordan, Barry Bonds, Evander Holyfield, Tiger Woods, Ronda Rousey, and Joe Montana. Going to the right physician is the only way we can monitor our health and avoid injuries. In the long run, it will benefit our bodies, and help keep us a positive lifestyle. Visit the Website for more detail.