5 Healthy Ways To Achieve A Good Night Sleep

Good Night Sleep

Good Night SleepA good night sleep is something that we all try to achieve. Having a full 8 to 10-hour snooze is definitely a great way to start the day. Unfortunately, it can become a little hard to come by for some.

If you are having some zeds problem at night for quite some time, you might want to check out these tips:

  • Get a comfy mattress


One of the culprits for sleep deprivation is your bed itself. Uncomfortable mattress can limit your snooze and make you feel awful come morning. It could be that your mattress is not fit for your body type and weight or it is too worn out to use. If you have been feeling the same sleep-deprived stress every morning then it might be to do some bed inspection.


Check your mattress and feel it while lying down. Do you feel comfortable and at ease no matter what sleep position you are in? If your answer in NO, go to the nearest mattress store in your area or check online for quality mattress. Before buying, be sure to make a comparison of different mattress Dubai prices and check the quality if it fits your sleeping needs.


  • Set up your room for sleeping

The reason why some people are having a hard time sleeping at night is because they tend to get distracted in their own bedrooms. Do not use your room for entertainment or any other activity that is not related to sleeping. Take out the TV, the radio or any other things that might divert your attention for sleeping. Your bedroom should be solely for sleeping and nothing else.


  • Eat something light before bedtime

Contrary to popular belief, eating a big meal before bedtime will prevent you from sleeping early, thus, can lead to sleep deprivation. It is because your digestive system needs to work overtime to breakdown and digest that big meal, keeping you active and alert. Try to set your dinner at earlier time and eat something light. Also, avoid food and dishes that can cause stomach trouble and acid reflux.


  • Say NO to alcohol before bedtime

Another myth that needs to be busted is drinking alcohol before bedtime can send you to a good night sleep. Alcohol can definitely make you feel a little sleepy after a few sips or bottle, even put you to sleep. But it will not be a deep sleep that you will expect, unless you have too many to drink to pass out. Drinking alcohol before bedtime can mess up your body clock and rhythm, leading to lack of sleep in the coming night. A warm glass of milk would be the best alternative for this.


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